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Trusted Representation In Serious Car Accident Injury

Anyone who has been in a traffic jam on Fort Worth or Dallas freeways has probably seen the results of a car accident. A significant number of car accidents  result in severe injuries including hospitalization.

Our injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC provides personal attention in litigation on behalf of the victims of these live changing car crashes and motorcycle accidents. Whether you were in a fender bender and suffered whiplash in Denton, Weatherford, or Arlington, or were in a major pileup somewhere in Tarrant County or in Decatur, our car accident injury lawyer can provide you with vigorous and experienced legal representation. There are many attorneys that handle simple car accidents, we focus only on accidents where bodily injury has occurred.

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Serious Representation For Serious a Car Wreck Injury

  • Car accident injury claims can involve any situation where someone is injured in an automobile or by an automobile, including pedestrians.
  • Often, the condition of the road, traffic control devices, or the car itself is in question as being the cause of the wreck and resulting injuries.
  • Other drivers who take their eyes off the road or are not paying attention can cause a wide range of accidents, including head-on collisions and rear-end crashes.
  • If you were in a multiple-vehicle collision or auto crash where the injured party is the driver or the passenger, your case should be evaluated by our personal injury lawyer. Passengers may have causes of action that the driver of a car may not have under certain circumstances.
  • Family members have rights if they have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one in a fatal car crash.
  • Distracted driving and texting while driving accidents are becoming more common with the number of people who use cellphones in their cars.
  • If you are involved in an accident with a driver who had no insurance or was underinsured, you may be able to be compensation through your own auto insurance policy.

DWI Injuries And Deaths

Many drivers in Texas drive drunk multiple times

Drunk drivers cause major catastrophic injury and death every day in North Texas. When a drunk driver causes an accident or collision, time is of the essence in order to preserve your right to recover for damages, including hospital/medical bills, lost wages or income and disability/impairment. If you or loved ones are injured in a collision with a drunk driver, contact us immediately. Don’t be a victim of drunk drivers. Call us for a free consultation.

Personal Attention For Your Personal Injury

As a small firm with experience, we emphasize the quality of our legal representation rather than the quantity of our auto crash cases. We keep our caseloads low, so we may offer the personal attention each individual deserves. From whiplash, to wrongful death, to catastrophic injuries, our Fort Worth personal injury lawyer has successfully represented a great many people injured in auto crashes. Our medical malpractice background gives us a network of relationships with doctors and health care providers, so we can assist you as you seek proper evaluation and treatment. We hope that your injury has not resulted in amputation or paralysis, but if it has, we can help.

Don’t Add To Your Injury With Procrastination. Take Action Now.

Our firm’s years of experience in Texas personal injury representing victims of auto crashes has taught us many things. Chief among them is the importance of retaining an attorney right away. Many people think they’re going to handle the insurance settlement themselves, and then months later when they call our law firm, we find they have already damaged their case by using their PIP money (Personal Injury Protection), or signing forms they shouldn’t have, or giving statements that they shouldn’t have. We recommend that you consult with our attorney early in the process, and then concentrate on taking care of yourself. We’ll take care of the rest.

Please call us at 817-697-2116 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. We offer personal attention for serious or live changing personal injury. Our firm has handled cases or been to trial in virtually every surrounding county, including Denton County, Parker County, Johnson County, and Wise County.