Cases & Settlements

We have tried to verdict or obtained settlements in the following types of cases:

  • tractor/trailer wrecks and collisions involving rock haulers and other types of trucks resulting in amputation
  • pedestrian incidents including a man who was struck as he worked on a disabled car on the side of the road, resulting in amputation
  • medical malpractice cases involving failure to detect and diagnose spinal epidural abscess resulting in paralysis
  • improper positioning during anesthesia resulting in permanently injured nerves,
  • psychologist exploitation of patient
  • failure to diagnose foreign objects resulting in permanent injuries
  • misidentification of body parts during surgery resulting in injury to healthy organs
  • failure to diagnose cancer resulting in metastasis and loss of life
  • failure to perform caesarean section resulting in death to newborn
  • sexual abuse and assault of a 6 year old girl by pastor of a local church
  • sexual assault of camp attendant by camp personnel
  • product failure cases involving a water heater that caused a fire resulting in destruction of a home and its contents
  • defective work performed by a local heating and air conditioning company resulting in a fire that destroyed a home
  • improper oil and gas lease operations that resulted in a fire that destroyed thousands of acres of range and ranch land
  • discrimination and harassment cases where workers have suffered due to violations of state and federal anti-discrimination laws by their government employers
  • and many other similar types of cases

**Settlement and verdict information and specifics on cases handled by this attorney are available by individual request to this office and are not published on this page because in this attorney’s opinion, State Bar of Texas Advertising Review Committee interpretation of Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct is too difficult for this attorney to interpret in order to ensure compliance with this attorney’s professional obligation, in this attorney’s individual opinion.