Protecting Clients In Business, Insurance And Commercial Litigation

Any legal disputes may become litigation. When a lawsuit is filed, the litigation process begins. Whether it is determined that the case will progress to court or will be settled through negotiations, it is essential that you have an experienced litigation attorney on your side to protect your rights.

At The Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC in Fort Worth, Texas, we represent victims of negligence as well as those suffering from wrongdoing committed by insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, corporations, oil and gas companies, employers and the government.

While our firm was founded by attorney Randy Moore as a personal injury law firm, dealing with the commercial and business aspects of personal injury lawsuits nearly always involves civil and commercial disputes and/or wrongful conduct by business organizations. We use our extensive background in handling these matters when pursuing a resolution to your case.

If you are involved in civil litigation, get the help you need from our trusted firm. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

We do not back down from any opposition. Our firm is aggressive in its approach, taking cases to court whenever necessary. However, it may be in your best interests to seek an end to the matter through another course of action. We are highly knowledgeable of alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation and arbitration, and can help you understand how your case may be resolved in this manner.

Handling All Types Of Civil Litigation And Commercial Disputes

In essentially all trial work, there is interaction with, and many times interference from, entities including: hospitals, health care organizations, billing businesses, and other business entities. Attorney Randy Moore has been involved in complex litigation, including medical malpractice litigation, pharmaceutical company litigation, and other cases involving multiple kinds of health care providers, products and devices.

We deal with employers’ duties and responsibility for hiring, supervising, disciplining, and terminating employees, contracts, subrogation interests, liens, and complex medical and surgical expense billing issues. Successful representation and optimal outcome for clients depend on a thorough working knowledge and aggressive representation in litigating these commercial and civil matters.

Often It Is Only Through Confrontation That Problems Are Solved

In today’s business climate, it is obvious that individuals do not commit all the wrongdoings or malicious acts that cause serious injury. Business organizations, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, corporations, and the federal, state, county, and city governments all have been reported as committing negligence as well as criminal acts injuring the public and individuals alike.

  • We have been involved in complex litigation, including mass torts, such as breast implant litigation, Fen Phen litigation, and involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We have recently seen how the FDA has failed to protect us from corporate greed, and how the government has failed to protect us from Wall Street corruption. These types of wrongs continue to cause personal and financial injury.
  • Employers have become bolder in disciplining and terminating employees. Health care providers, insurance companies, billing agencies, debt collectors, and the government have become more aggressive in trying to collect money from any recovery or settlement.
  • Big businesses seem to take advantage of smaller companies and interfere with contracts and disparage competitors on a more frequent basis. As a result, civil commercial, and employment disputes are on the rise, and it is more difficult to keep any settlement or recovery that you might receive. Your attorney must be experienced, aggressive and persistent.

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