Civil Service Employee Representation

We represent civil service employees including fire department personnel, police office personnel and school employees. If you are covered by civil service statute or policy and you are being disciplined, give our firm a call today.

Arbitration Attorney

Are you wondering whether or not to sign a contract with a binding arbitration clause? Did you even know that the contract, rental agreement, loan or other “legal” agreement had an arbitration clause in the fine print. Did you sign a pre-employment agreement with a binding arbitration clause in it and now need an attorney to help resolve a dispute with your employer? Contact an attorney experienced in binding arbitration at the Fort Worth, Texas firm The Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC today. Our lawyer offer a free consultation and case evaluation.

Today, a binding arbitration clause is included in nearly every contract. When you open a bank account, apply for a credit card, rent or purchase a car, accept a job offer, hire a builder, or buy a home, you will most likely be asked to sign an agreement with a binding arbitration clause. Once you sign that agreement, your Texas Supreme Court has repeatedly sided with business in said individuals cannot get out of arbitration agreements absent extreme circumstances.

By signing a contract or agreement with a binding arbitration clause, you give up your right to a trial before a judge and jury if you someday have need to assert your rights. Arbitration clauses limit your legal rights and can reduce your potential compensation for damages.

Contact our trial attorney for advice before you sign a contract or agreement. In some cases, you simply should not sign a contract with a binding arbitration clause. In other cases, you may not have an option. We can advise you about how to protect your rights. You should carefully read all documents to understand whether an arbitration clause is included, and what your rights are.

If a dispute arises after you have signed a contract with a binding arbitration clause, we can represent your interests in the arbitration process. Arbitration can be expensive, complicated, and drawn out. Most lawyers are unfamiliar with arbitration and its process and are reluctant to take cases where arbitration is involved.

At The Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC, we understand the arbitration process. Our attorney are familiar with the procedural and administrative issues which can, if not properly attended to, result in waiver of more rights and recoveries.

There are several things that must be evaluated in each case, including whether the agreements are enforceable, whether any right to recovery is limited improperly, whether the arbitration clause is valid, and if so, what rules, regulations and laws, federal or state, apply.

Note – the review of an arbitration agreement, prior to a dispute arising, may require an agreement calling for an hourly fee, and/or a retainer.

We are willing to look at serious personal injury and death cases occurring at the workplace or on the job, where benefits are contingent on pre-employment agreements, where arbitration clauses are involved, and where questions concerning the validity of such exist. For experienced representation, contact us today at The Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC today.