Lawsuits mount over fatal truck accident involving college bus

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At least three lawsuits in two states have now been filed against truck driver

The number of lawsuits in relation to a fatal truck accident in Oklahoma in September continue to mount. According to the Dallas Morning News, two lawsuits have been filed in Tarrant County against the truck driver and the trucking company involved in the crash. Meanwhile, another lawsuit has been filed in Oklahoma by the parents of one of the girls killed in the accident.

Multiple fatalities

The Sept. 26 accident involved a coach bus carrying a softball team from a Texas college. After playing a game in Oklahoma, the team was headed back to their college when they were struck by a large semi-truck. The truck had crossed the grassy median of Interstate 35 just north of the Texas border. Four members of the softball team, all young women, were killed in the crash.

The truck driver, who is from Tarrant County, told police that he was distracted by something in the cab of his truck. Although the driver has not been arrested, Oklahoma Police are conducting a criminal investigation. Meanwhile, federal investigators are conducting a safety investigation to determine whether safety improvements to the stretch of highway may be required.

Lawsuits filed

The families of two of the girls involved in the accident, one who passed away and one who was critically injured, have filed lawsuits against the truck driver and his employer. They allege that the driver and the company were negligent and are demanding that his employment record be released along with any alcohol and drug tests.

A separate lawsuit was also filed in Oklahoma by the family of one of the girls killed, according to News OK. That lawsuit alleges that the driver was not only negligent, but that he was intoxicated during the accident. While investigators did find a drug pipe and prescription drugs in the truck, they are still awaiting the results of blood tests taken from the driver.

Truck accident negligence

Truck accidents, as this story all too clearly shows, can be devastating and lead to severe injuries and even deaths. While it remains to be determined the precise cause of this accident, in many cases truck drivers are under extreme pressure by their employers to meet strict deadlines. That pressure often leads to safety being compromised through driver fatigue, speeding, or a variety of other factors.

Anybody who has been injured by a potentially negligent truck driver should contact a personal injury attorney right away. Truck accidents often involve numerous challenges since trucking companies and their insurers will typically use their considerable resources to undermine claims made by victims. An attorney who is experienced in dealing with these types of accidents can therefore offer invaluable advice for victims going forward.