Injuries From Oil And Gas Field Explosions

To get the oil out, or the natural gas well in, roughnecks work long hours on the oilfield – sometimes 72 hours straight. Drug testing isn’t commonplace, but speed use is, as workers struggle to stay awake. Gas and oil drilling is a high-risk industry with workplace injuries including amputations, crush injuries, injuries from blowouts and explosions, dismemberment, broken bones and other drill rig injuries. Who is responsible if a rig falls and a tool pusher is injured? Who is responsible for a falling drill pipe when the supervisor is overlooking drug abuse? If you have been injured or a loved one has died a wrongful death in an oil or gas field accident, our personal injury law firm can help. Please contact an attorney at The Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC. today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We can help you recover the financial compensation you deserve.

Gas and Oil Drilling – Dangerous Profit

Drilling for natural gas or oil is a high-risk industry with the potential for huge financial rewards.

“Barnett Shale, in a little more than five years has gone from zero to Texas’ biggest-producing natural gas field. The Barnett Shale extends from Wise and Denton Counties in the northern suburbs of Fort Worth and extends through Parker and Johnson Counties. XTO has just a handful of Barnett Shale wells to show now, but many more are coming after its $685 million purchase of Antero Resources of Denver is completed. XTO will get 165 wells in Tarrant County that Antero has already drilled and will add 400 more in the next three years in Tarrant and northern Johnson Counties.”

Dan Piller, Star-Telegram, January 24, 2005

Oilfield Accident Injury Claims and Wrongful Death Litigation

If you are injured on the job, can’t work, and end up losing wages due to your injury, Texas law does not require employers to carry insurance to compensate its employees. Texas law also does not require employers to have in place any system of recouping lost wages for injuries suffered on the job. Although some employers do have workers compensation insurance, it is often times woefully inadequate. An oilfield accident injury claim may involve a subcontractor, a government entity, or a third party. Our personal injury lawyer is familiar with these types of accidents and the unique characteristics involved resolution of your claim.

If you have been injured in a natural gas or oilfield accident, our Fort Worth Texas law firm can help you with a claim for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you lost a loved one in an oilfield accident, our personal injury attorney could provide you with legal advice in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Please call or contact our Fort Worth law office to schedule a free initial consultation. We offer personal attention for personal injury.