Oil And Gas Disputes In Texas

In Texas, it is common for people to discover that they have natural resources, such as untapped oil and gas reserves, on their properties. It is possible to lease these resources out to oil and gas companies, who pay you to harvest the oil and gas. However, it is important for landowners to know that any standard leases presented to them are most likely in favor of the oil and gas company. In order to ensure you are being protected, enlist an attorney who can review and negotiate any oil and gas leases, as well as handle any other oil and gas disputes.

At The Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC in Forth Worth, we are here to address and resolve all of your oil and gas matters. With an extensive background in handling civil litigation and contract disputes, as well as personal injury cases that stem from gas and oil field accidents, attorney Randy Moore is an aggressive advocate for our firm’s clients. Whether you have dealt with oil and gas issues before, or are new to this area of law, we can explain every step of the process and get you the compensation you deserve for the resources you own.

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Comprehensive Protection Of Your Rights

Oil and gas leasing documents are drawn up in a very legal language. This can make it difficult for a person to understand exactly what that contract says. Gas and oil companies will try to draft contracts in a way that favors them and gives them free reign over your resources. However, you can negotiate and have your lawyer include terms that ensure your protection for some of the following issues:

  • Fair compensation: Depending on the type of resources that are discovered (such as natural gas or Barnett Shale), the compensation may vary. By having an attorney review your lease, you can understand just how much the company will be paying you for the extraction of the material, as well as land use.
  • Length of the lease: In some situations, an oil and gas company will attempt to structure a lease so that it is able to tap the resource indefinitely. This may not be in your best interests. A time limitation may need to be included in the lease to protect your land and the minerals on it.
  • Liability: Gas and oil field accidents are unfortunately common. You want to ensure that your oil and gas lease includes information regarding the oil and gas company’s responsibility in any accidents and injuries that may occur due to the drilling.

Contact A Lawyer To Discuss Oil And Gas Disputes

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