Were You In A Swimming Pool Accident?

When unsafe conditions at a swimming pool lead to an accident, the result is usually tragic. Young children are often the victims when pool owners do not take steps to protect guests such as posting warnings, locking gates, repairing defective equipment or hiring lifeguards.

At The Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC, we are committed to protecting the rights of people who have been injured or lost loved ones due to unsafe property conditions at swimming pools. Lawyer Randall D. Moore represents clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and north Texas.

The following are examples of the types of cases we handle:

  • Lack of depth warnings, which can lead to broken necks when a person dives headfirst into a swimming pool. Most of these accidents take place in pools with less than six feet of water.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents caused by cracked or loose tiles, or tiles that become slippery when wet
  • Unlocked gates that can allow children access to an unsupervised pool
  • Lack of safety equipment such as ring buoys and poles
  • Malfunctioning or defective drains that can hold a person underwater
  • Lack of a lifeguard, or lifeguards who are not paying attention
  • Lack of posted warnings when lifeguards are not on duty
  • Inadequate lighting leading to trip-and-fall accidents

Property owners are responsible for keeping their swimming pools in a reasonably safe condition to prevent injuries and drownings. For swimming pools located at a business such as a hotel, losses are typically covered by general business liability insurance. For a swimming pool at a residence, losses may be covered by homeowners insurance.

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