Representing Individuals Injured in Texas Hospitals

Hospitals have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure your safety and well-being. Sadly, they are failing much too often in doing so. Hospital negligence is fast becoming one of the most common causes of injury and death, especially for the elderly, vulnerable adults and children.

Hospital negligence includes the hospital’s liability for its own employees including doctors, nurses, therapists and caretakers and if it fails to maintain and repair its equipment. A hospital that hires independent contractors may be liable for their negligence also, in some circumstances.

You Have a Right to Safety as a Patient in a Hospital

You have a right to safety while you are in a hospital’s care. For instance, you should never be put in a situation where you could be dropped by a worker or fall from an unsecured bed or surgical table. If you can’t walk, the hospital should give you a wheelchair. If you’re bedridden, your hospital bed should have bed rails so you don’t roll out of bed and suffer injuries from the fall. Additionally, emergency and nurse call lights should be working and easily accessible to you, wherever you are confined, including in restrooms.

Common Causes of Hospital Injuries

All it takes is one or two negligent or careless caretakers who fail to follow standard hospital safety protocols for a serious accident or death to happen. Here are some of the most common hospital injuries:

  • Patient drops that occur while moving them from one place to another
  • Patient drops that occur by rolling them off their beds while changing their position or bedclothes
  • Failure to strap patients to a surgical table
  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Emergency room misdiagnosis
  • Delivery room errors
  • Mistakes in medication doses and administration
  • Failure to monitor patients or record vital information in a patient’s chart
  • Failure to respond to a patient’s call for help
  • Patient discharges where the patient wasn’t transferred to someone else’s care
  • Patient auto accidents that occurred because they were allowed to drive while under the influence of pain medication

Holding Hospitals Responsible for Negligent Hiring & Management

A hospital can also be held liable for negligent hiring and supervising its employees and for failing to maintain and repair its equipment. Hospitals must:

  • Verify that employees are properly licensed, that licenses are current and that employees stay current on continuing education obligations
  • Establish proper safety and sanitation protocols to ensure patient safety
  • Properly staff the facility
  • Ensure patient confidentiality and securely store medical records

If any of these failures led to your or your loved one’s injury, you may have a claim for compensation. It is best to seek out experienced legal representation to learn about your rights and discuss the options available to you.

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