Texas Explosion Attorney

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Explosions like the one in West, Texas can have life-time consequences on the victims. Explosions often cause broken bones, lacerations and worse, burns. Burns are extremely painful to treat and carry the risk of infection, which many victims of blast injuries and burns die from. In addition to the immediate damages and injuries, the risk of inhalation of toxic fumes from chemicals used to make fertilizer and the long-term affect on the body is a real concern. The worst injuries are often the ones you cannot see or touch, but are felt. Mental trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can have devastating consequences to the victims themselves and their families.

North Texas Explosion Injury Lawyer

Complicating matters, if Medicare or Medicaid funds are used to pay for medical treatment of victims or if victims are eligible for benefits from either, there are issues regarding paying Medicare or Medicaid back and setting aside enough recovery funds to pay for future services related to treatment of injuries suffered by the victims of the blast.

Victims of explosions and blasts should be aware of unethical attorneys or other people (“runners”) who may try to solicit them to handle any claims. Barratry is against the law and grounds for disciplinary action. Blast victims should report any person who solicits them improperly or call another attorney they know or who is qualified in order to make sure any solicitation is legal and ethical and to ensure that victims are properly and ethically represented.

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