Dangerous Products Cause Injuries and Lawsuits

Our Fort Worth, Texas trial attorney has represented the plaintiff for a wide variety of product liability lawsuits. Manufacturers have a responsibility to make safe products and instruct consumers in their proper use. Dangerous product lawsuits can result from either unsafe products, products that provide inadequate or improper instruction on their use, or products that are not advertised in a manner consistent with the intended use of the product. Many times a product is modified by a supplier, and the end result is a newly defective product.

Defective products range from cars or seatbelts, that fail to hold up in a car crash to unsafe drugs or drugs that are recalled by the FDA, to lasik, to breast implants, to hand tools. Loss of personal property and household belongings, such as pictures and family heirlooms may occur due to a fire caused by a household product, such as a hot water heater explosion.

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Dangerous product lawsuits tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Unsafe Medical Products

    There are a number of dangerous medical products which have prompted personal injury lawsuits. Some products under scrutiny are lasers used in Lasik eye surgery. A local television station recently investigated and aired a story involving a defective laser product sold by Alcon. These lasers failed to perform as represented and thousands of people received sub optimal results as a result of these defective products. People ended up with visual distortion (halos, glares, ghosting, and poor night vision), which made it difficult to function. Because these patients often had good visual acuity (i.e. that could read the eye chart) many doctors told them there was nothing wrong. We are currently looking at cases involving these types of cases. The laser manufacturer, Alcon Laboratories, is based in Fort Worth TX.

  • Dangerous Toys and Products for Children

    These range from teddy bears with button noses that can come off and be swallowed, to cribs with rails spaced too widely, to child seats that do not sufficiently restrain children in an accident, to games that should never have been released at all (JARTS).

  • Product Recalls

    When an unsafe product is discovered, the manufacturer will recall it in an attempt to prevent injury and limit liability. The Fry Daddy, for example, had a long cord and hard plastic legs that could slide on a countertop. Children were injured when they pulled the cord, and hot oil spilled over, causing burns.

  • Unsafe Equipment and Tools

    Ladders, drills, saws, nail guns, lawnmowers, and even shelving units (which collapse) can be used in such a way as to cause injury.

  • Unsafe Automotive Products

    Ford trucks, Firestone tires, and SUVs prone to rollovers have all been the subject of lawsuits for injuries that resulted from these dangerous products.

If you have been injured by a dangerous product, and you wish to file a personal injury lawsuit, we urge you to call or contact a lawyer at our Fort Worth law firm to schedule a free initial consultation. We offer personal attention for personal injury.

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