My Prescription Drug Has Been Recalled. What Now?

Drugs should make us well and prevent illness, not cause illness, strokes, or heart attacks. Most drugs marketed in the USA require FDA approval. Many times the manufactures fail to adequately test the drugs, or they provide false or misleading information to the FDA, or they improperly advertise the benefits and risks of drugs.

Our Fort Worth law office has experience with drug recalls, defective drugs, and other pharmaceutical problems for which you may need legal advice. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous or defective drug, whether it was a prescription or over-the-counter medication, contact an attorney at The Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

ReNu With MoistureLoc

The Bausch & Lomb contact lens solution, ReNu with MoistureLoc has been linked to a fungal infection of the eye called fusarium keratitis, sometimes referred to as fungal keratitis. The disease can cause permanent blindness. It is treated with antifungal medications. Some cases do not respond to medication and require surgery.

Symptoms of fusarium keratitis include eye pain or discomfort, decrease in vision, and hypersensitivity to light. If you or someone you love have used ReNu contact lens solution and has experienced these symptoms please contact a lawyer at The Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Drug Recall Legal Advice And Experience

Our Fort Worth personal injury attorney and trial lawyer has represented several clients who have suffered injuries as a result of recalled drugs including Vioxx, ReNu, Celebrex, and Fen Phen. If you have suffered a heart attack, stroke, infection, or other injury related to a pharmaceutical product or recalled drug, we urge you to call or contact our Fort Worth law firm for legal advice and to schedule a free initial consultation. We offer personal attention for personal injury.

Cases will likely be jointly handled with another firm.