Unusually cold air chills Dallas-Fort Worth, increases car accident risk

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In one of the most southern-reaching winter storms in recent memory, the city of Atlanta was brought to a grinding halt for days. Although the Atlanta snowstorm deposited only about two or three inches of snow, Atlanta, unaccustomed to such conditions, became gridlocked. There were hundreds of car accidents, and some motorists were trapped in their vehicles for more than 24 hours.

Fortunately, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has escaped the brunt of the most recent winter storms that have swept through southern areas of the U.S. in which snow and freezing temperatures are uncommon. Still, several blasts of arctic air have hit the Dallas-Fort Worth region recently, bringing temperatures well below freezing and creating a risk of slippery conditions on the road.

Cold weather driving guidelines can keep motorists safe

Obviously, frigid temperatures mean the possibility of ice on the roads, particularly on or near bridges and overpasses. It is entirely possible to drive safely in potentially icy conditions. But, motorists in warmer climates may be less prepared to meet the challenges of winter driving since they only rarely encounter icy roads.

The first, and perhaps most obvious, rule of thumb when driving on roads that could be icy is to slow down. No matter what the speed, it is also important to leave plenty of extra room when following behind another vehicle. Ice can greatly increase the distance required to make a safe stop.

In freezing temperatures, turns should be made firmly, but gradually. In addition, it is particularly important to avoid distracted driving in potentially slippery conditions.

Making appropriate preparations before driving is also very important to stay safe on the road in cold weather. Tires should be checked, and replaced if the tread is worn. Visibility can be more of an issue when it is cold, meaning you should check defrosters, throw an ice scraper into your glove compartment and ensure that the windshield washer fluid is topped up.

Get monetary compensation for a car accident with the help of a Dallas-Fort Worth lawyer

As the temperature fluctuates in this unusually cold winter, it is important to keep these driving tips in mind, and to remember that it is possible for ice to form on the road even when the air temperature is slightly above freezing.

No one ever intends to cause a crash, but drivers who carelessly disregard the threat posed by slick conditions bear responsibility for the consequences. If you or a family member has been harmed in a car accident, whether it was related to a spate of unusually cold weather or not, the motorist responsible for causing the crash (or his or her insurer) can be held responsible for monetary compensation.

An experienced Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can help you pursue a case against a negligent driver. Your lawyer will ensure that you get the maximum monetary recovery possible. Talk to a lawyer today about your car accident case.