Construction Accident And Work Injury Lawyer

There is a reason people wear hard hats on construction sites. It can be a dangerous place. Even so, serious injury from falls, equipment malfunction, and dangerous building or repair techniques are commonly avoidable. Contractors and subcontractors on site are required to adhere to safety rules and regulations, and be properly trained regarding those rules and regulations. However, serious accidents do happen. In a world of multiple contractual relationships, it takes an experienced attorney to determine if there was contractor or subcontractor negligence. Our Fort Worth attorney can evaluate the interaction of contracts and local laws regulating construction zone safety.

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Common Construction Site Accident Injuries

Powerful tools, heavy equipment, and long work hours can result in a construction site accident. Safety procedures and equipment are supposed to be in place, but sometimes they are not. Falling equipment, scaffolding accidents, defective safety equipment, and subcontractor negligence can result in personal injury. In particular, our Fort Worth law office has seen a number of cases involving explosions, burns, and electrical shock on construction sites.


Explosions can occur when there is a natural gas build-up or leakage due to mechanical failure or improper ventilation, improperly identified pipelines at construction sights, or improperly handled explosive chemicals. Excavation accidents resulting from explosions can result in burns, catastrophic injuries, or death.


Burns can result from fire occurring in a construction site accident, toxic chemical exposure, or electrical shock. The after-effects of burns can be devastating to the patient as the pain is often tremendous and the risk of infection is a constant, life-threatening issue. The true extent of a burn injury may not be known for months. Our Fort Worth, Texas, trial lawyer has the experience that is needed to assist in obtaining reliable information on the expected future medical expense and lost earning capacity of the victim.

Electrical Shock

Improperly grounded electrical devices, unmarked or inadequately marked power lines, or improperly installed wiring can create an invisible danger of electrocution, especially for children. Our attorney recommend that any shock injury should be immediately investigated to prevent the potential destruction of essential evidence.

A sheet rocker puts up sheetrock after the wiring is in. The electrical subcontractor was supposed to turn off the electrical circuit, but did not, and the sheet rocker is electrocuted. This is a third party case where the electrical contractor becomes the responsible party in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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